Welcome To Water Renewal Technologies - We Digest Hydrocarbons

Our water renewal technology was developed by nature over the last few billion years.  Who else would know more about digesting pollution? Biology keeps the oceans, lakes, and rivers clean. Biology can do the same for your disposal problems.

Effective and Economical Water Renewal

Conserving natural resources and lowering operating expenses is no longer an option, it is a necessity.  Water, sewer, and disposal fees are continuing to increase, and water usage is increasingly rationed and regulated.  Decisions by communities to allow commercial or industrial expansion commonly comes down to water usage and waste disposal. 

Our water restoration technology cleans water so that it can be used again and again.  It will dramatically reduce your water bills, your disposal fees, and your sewer access assessments.  It is cost effective to install and operate, and is capable of rapidly restoring large volumes of waste water.

We restore water with microbes.  Biological water restoration is widely accepted by environmental regulatory agencies including the EPA.  Microbes break down and convert pollutants into water and carbon dioxide.  This is a natural process that is odorless, harmless to workers and plant life, easy to maintain, and eliminates pollutants. Learn more>

Cost Effective Because It Works

Our renewal system restores water to its natural condition.  Renew and Reuse!

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Simple, Scalable, And Powerful

Automated, self cleaning, virtually maintenance free. See how it works.   Learn More>

A Green Solution

We use nature to restore water.  Nothing works better than biology.          Learn More>

Digest Hydrocarbons So You Can Renew & Reuse
  • Renew and reuse the same water over and over again.
  • Dramatically reduce your water and sewer fees. Can be used for zero discharge applications.
  • Eliminate costly disposal and incineration services, load charges, upgrade assessments, usage fines, and permits.
  • Emulsified hydrocarbons and surfactants are converted into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Biological water renewal is cost effective to install & operate.
  • Scalable for any volume, flow rate, and COD and BOD load.
  • Integrates into your existing facility or new construction. 
  • Expand your business without over-burdening the local municipal infrastructure.
  • Completely safe for workers and plant life.  Will not breed pathogens.