Resources - Links and White Papers

A Citizen's Guide to Bioremediation
United States Environmental Protection Agency
The Promise of Bioremediation (Bacteria will eat almost anything.)
By Laura Carsten
Northwest Science & Technology, 2002
Oil-spill Bacteria Gobbled Gases First  Levels of ethane and propane consumed by Gulf microbes spark questions about the oil's fate.
By Amanda Mascarelli
Hydrocarbon-Eating Microbes Mean Oil Was An Ancient Energy Source Too
Published on Science 2.0
By News Account
Created Sep 9 2008
Slick Solution: How Microbes Will Clean Up the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
By David Biello
Scientific American, May 25, 2010
How Fast Can Microbes Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill?  New research suggests bacteria in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico may be eating oil plumes quickly.
By David Biello
Scientific American, August 24, 2010
It's a Gas: Light Hydrocarbons Drove Microbial Blooms Cleaning Up the Gulf Oil Spill
By David Biello
Scientific American, September 16, 2010
Meet the Microbes Eating the Gulf Oil Spill
By David Biello
Scientific American, August 18, 2010
Bacteria Transformed into Biofuel Refineries
By David Biello
Scientific American, January 27, 2010
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Digest Hydrocarbons So You Can Renew & Reuse
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  • Dramatically reduce your water and sewer fees. Can be used for zero discharge applications.
  • Eliminate costly disposal and incineration services, load charges, upgrade assessments, usage fines, and permits.
  • Emulsified hydrocarbons and surfactants are converted into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Biological water renewal is cost effective to install & operate.
  • Scalable for any volume, flow rate, and COD and BOD load.
  • Integrates into your existing facility or new construction.
  • Expand your business without over-burdening the local municipal infrastructure.
  • Completely safe for workers and plant life.  Will not breed pathogens.